Common Rehab Treatment Myths

There are many myths about how drug rehabs function and the methods they use to help people with their recovery. Knowledge is your best tool for overcoming drug abuse and achieving sobriety. To be well-informed and make decisions based on fact, you need to dispel some of the common myths associated with drug rehabs. Below is a list of the 5 most popular myths about drug rehabs.

5 Myths about Drug Rehabs

Drug Rehabs Can Cure Addiction

The reality is that recovering from drug abuse is more like going into remission. There is always a chance for relapse but over time this chance will continually decrease. Remember, people recovering from drug abuse can never use substances again because they are more susceptible to developing an addiction than the average person.

You Have to Hit Rock Bottom to Accept Treatment

Anyone who feels they need help can be admitted into drug rehabs. Based on the severity of your addiction you may choose inpatient or outpatient treatment. The fact is the sooner you seek treatment for your problem the faster your recovery will be. People often make the mistake of waiting until they bottom out to accept drug rehabs as a solution.

Detoxing is a Quick Process with Willpower

The truth is the entire process is purely chemical. While willpower helps you to stay on the right path, detoxing will take around the same amount of time for most people. Depending on size, the frequency of drug use, and severity of addiction you’ll just have to stick through the hard times and take the advice of your rehabilitation professional, they are here to see you through it.

Relapsing Makes You Start Completely Over

While relapsing is awful and discouraging, it doesn’t destroy the progress you’ve made. Relapse is actually a common occurrence, but it helps to have a medical professional to help you through this time. That’s why inpatient treatment is a better solution for people that have a severe level of addiction.

Attending Rehab Can Make You Lose Your Job

Actually, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act can help people who are actively trying to recover from drug addiction request the appropriate time they need to become sober and maintain their sobriety.


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