Crystal Meth Signs and Symptoms

Crystal meth addiction is one of the most common occurrences for drug abuse throughout the world. It’s often referred to as the “Party Drug” because of its frequent recreational use. The user receives a false sense of euphoria and confidence while on this drug and it has been proven fatally addictive in a lot of circumstances. It’s also one of the hardest drug addictions to treat, even with help from medical professionals at reputable rehab centers. If you’re worried about the health and well-being of someone close to you and believe they might have a crystal meth addiction, there are a few common side effects to look out for.

Common Crystal Meth Signs and Symptoms

People suffering from this addiction are often influenced by a chemical effect in their brain disrupting how their personality and perceptions normally function. Below are a few things to look for if you believe someone has a crystal meth addiction.

More Aggressive and Confident

A common side effect of crystal meth is an inflation of one’s self-perception. This may take the form of someone who is normally shy will now act assertive, aggressive, and even violent towards other people due to these perception changes and increased irritability.


Many people suffering from crystal meth addiction will have periods of depression or lack of an emotional response. This is when users come down from their high and “crash”. As a result, they are often quiet, lackluster, and they can even become depressed, this period often builds drug dependence.

Recklessness/Risky Behavior

Another effect of crystal meth abuse is an increased libido and the inability to gauge risk. With this, you may see your loved one has an increased sexual appetite and they may act on reckless impulses without giving the decision much thought. This coincides with the increased levels of confidence and false perceptions. Crystal meth users can’t accurately gauge the dangers of a certain situation and may end up hurting themselves or others.

Developing an Eating Disorder

One of the more significant side effects that are visible with using this drug is the development of eating disorders. People with meth addiction experience a loss of appetite. You will notice a quick and drastic amount of weight loss with people who are addicted to this drug.

While these are not the only symptoms of crystal meth addiction you may see, they are the most common. The sooner you can interrupt drug abuse, the better chance your loved one has to rehabilitate and move forward.

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