Drug Addiction Intervention: When is the Right Time?

drug addiction intervention plansDrug abuse and addiction is a long, hard path. No one can overcome drug abuse and addiction on their own. Most addicts won’t even recognize their own addiction, as the drug abuse becomes a normal part of their lives. People on the outside, however, such as family and friends, will recognize their loved one’s drug abuse and addiction. They may feel helpless and hurt by their loved one’s actions, but know that a drug addiction intervention needs to happen.

When a Drug Addiction Intervention is Needed

A curious mind may try drugs once or twice, but it is extremely easy for that curiosity to turn into a spiraling journey of drug abuse and addiction. Before you know it, you are using the drug in larger doses and need it just to get by and to feel good, and your cravings for the drug become more intense. This is a common scenario for those suffering from drug abuse and addiction. It is then up to family members and friends to hold a drug addiction intervention.

It may be difficult to recognize the signs of someone’s drug abuse and addiction, depending on their drug and behavior. People close to the addict may be able to recognize symptoms of the addict’s drug abuse and addiction including:

• Changes in their behavior and/or appearance
• Physical symptoms
• Problems at work or school
• Financial problems

Recognizing these signs in addition to an addict’s drug abuse and addiction are all indicators that a drug addiction intervention should be held.

Holding a Drug Addiction Intervention

The goal of a drug addiction intervention is to confront the addict about their drug abuse and addiction and getting them to acknowledge and accept or seek professional help. Holding a successful drug addiction intervention will require teamwork, planning and patience.

A drug addiction intervention generally involves the following:

• The proposal of a drug addiction intervention by a family member or friend
• The formation of a group to enact the drug addiction intervention
• Research by the group to understand the addict’s drug abuse and addiction, options for treatment, and ways to approach them
• Identifying all the possible scenarios of your loved one’s reaction to the drug addiction intervention and how to counter them in the best ways
• What will be talked about specifically during the drug addiction intervention
• How the group will provide continuous support throughout the treatment process

A drug addiction intervention must be carefully planned between family members and close friends. Because of the sensitive nature of a drug addiction intervention, it’s important to make sure only family members and good friends are involved. A counselor may be involved in the drug addiction intervention or consulted for advice on how to hold a successful drug addiction intervention.

It is also important to prevent the addict from feeling attacked during a drug addiction intervention. A poorly planned drug addiction intervention may actually work against family members and friends who are only trying to help. Sometimes addicts will respond have an adverse reaction to the drug addiction intervention, which can worsen the situation.

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