Inpatient Rehab

Is Inpatient Rehab Right for You?

If you are struggling with an addiction that you have tried and failed to overcome, inpatient rehab should be your next step. Yet despite the array of effective and quality inpatient rehab centers available, many people don’t seek help because of a few common myths.

  • I could never afford an inpatient rehab center
  • Inpatient rehab is for the elite
  • Inpatient programs are like prisons

Now, let’s dispel these myths

I could never afford an inpatient rehab center: The truth is you probably can. Check with your insurance provider to determine what mental health and addiction programs are available under your policy. If you are not insured or rehab treatment isn’t covered, look to the non-profit community and public programs.

Inpatient rehab is for the elite: While you may read news stories about celebrities and other luminaries attending swanky inpatient rehab centers like Betty Ford, which costs tens of thousands of dollars, there are plenty of inpatient rehab programs for people of all walks of life. Don’t be discouraged or led astray by the misconceptions.

Inpatient programs are like prisons: Not at all. While you may spend your period of inpatient rehab at one facility, it won’t look anything like a prison. You’ll have a network of support and a safe place to go through the tough detoxification period of rehab treatment.

So Why is Inpatient Rehab Effective?

inpatient rehab addiction

Inpatient rehab is effective because it provides a safe and supportive place to recover. When outpatient programs fail, it is often because of the difficulties of dealing with the tough detoxification period. The physical symptoms can be so overwhelming that reverting to substance abuse seems like the only way to ease the pain.

Inpatient rehab centers can help through this phase with medication, counseling and a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Patients are engaged in rehab treatment at all times and immersed in their addiction recovery efforts at all times.

If you are struggling with an addiction that has taken control of your life and multiple attempts at quitting have failed, please look into an affordable and effective inpatient rehab program.

The path toward rehab treatment may not come with as many obstacles as you think. The key is getting started.

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