Living with a Recovering Addict

Living with a recovering addict is definitely a challenge. You need to make sure you have the knowledge necessary to help them on their path to recovery and identify warning signs before a relapse occurs. Although they may have completed their treatment at a rehab facility, it’s important to understand that there are lasting consequences for extended drug use and that using any type of substance could lead to their relapse.

Things to Consider When Living with a Recovering Addict

One of the most important things you can do while living with someone recovering from addiction is become knowledgeable on the subject. Speak with an addiction counselor to familiarize yourself with the common pressures, warning signs, and symptoms of relapse. You can also learn ways to help avoid relapsing.

On a personal level, there are bound to be a lot of struggles with relationships and financial issues. After completing rehab treatment, there is still a persistent irritability to deny themselves their former addiction. They have to fight their urge on a daily basis. This can often manifest in the form of a short temper and overreactions to small situations. Try not to take this personally, as it will get easier over time.

It’s also important to reduce stress levels for both you and your recovering addict. As mentioned above, they will most likely overreact and have a short temper. You can be preemptive in reducing stress by taking on more chores around the house, help with financial responsibilities, and even just talking them through their stressful situations.

Avoiding relapse is going to be the ultimate goal while living with a recovering addict. All the steps and knowledge you acquire will help you to better understand the process of addiction and see them through this crucial period after finishing their rehab treatment. By knowing the person’s triggers of addiction and understanding the steps to help reduce their stress, you’ll have all the tools necessary to help the recovering addict get their life back in order. Remember, it does get easier over time. You just need to have patience and put in the effort.

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