Rehab Centers for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is one of the worst; never try to overcome it by yourself. Treatment at a quality rehabilitation facility is the best way to overcome your drug abuse. Cocaine rehab centers give you both the medical experience you need and quality counseling with the most up-to-date methods. Cocaine addiction is not something to handle alone. You need an entire support system to help you, and while family and friends are great, having round the clock care is optimal. Consider inpatient treatment over outpatient if your addiction level is deemed severe by a medical professional. Rehab centers are the best idea if you still have to go through detoxing as well. They have all the nutritional and medicinal knowledge to help you transition into your new life. With inpatient rehab centers, you receive the care and attention you need without fear of relapsing.

Things to Expect for Cocaine Addiction Rehab Centers

The inpatient treatment system usually occurs over periods of 30, 60, or even 90 days. This could also require more time with patients with advanced addiction. Inpatient treatment usually requires a minimum of 30 days; with cocaine addiction, the minimum can vary from a 30-45 day requirement. Many rehab centers offer discounted extension periods for people that still need counseling and medication after the minimum number of days.

Some things to expect during your stay at rehab centers for cocaine addiction are a psychological and physical evaluation. This will help determine if you have other medical problems that need to be addressed before a proper treatment can be prescribed. They will examine if you take other drugs besides cocaine and any signs of mental illness (depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety). Remember, you are making the conscious effort to rid yourself of addiction. It only hurts you to lie during these examinations. You have to be completely honest in order to get the correct treatment.

In addition to the medical treatment you’ll receive for detoxing and balancing the chemicals in your body, you’ll also have behavioral treatments. Medicine is only half the battle, the other half is the long-lasting psychological effects cocaine will have on your mind. For cocaine addiction, some behavioral treatments to expect during your stay are cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational incentives. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a way for patients to identify, avoid, and cope with their addiction using methods that work against the psychological processes of addiction. Motivational incentives also play a role in building goals and reward patients with a point-based system in which they can redeem for prizes or privileges within the institution.
For cocaine addiction, the best method is to seek inpatient rehab centers to give you the time and medical expertise required to overcome your addiction and have a fulfilling life.

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