Substance Abuse Counselor

substance abuse counselor Someone suffering from drug abuse and addiction is usually in denial of needing professional help. Family members and friends may have tried to hold an intervention and asked that the addict speak with a substance abuse counselor and attend regular drug addiction counseling sessions.

When an addict is willing to accept help, they will start to understand how a substance abuse counselor can help them begin their road to recovery. Drug addiction counseling will help ease them understand their drug addiction and ways to mentally overcome the battle.

The Role of a Substance Abuse Counselor

A substance abuse counselor provides advising and counseling to persons with addiction problems. These addictions may include alcoholism, tobacco, drugs, and gambling problems. Their main roles are to provide treatment and support to the addict in order to help them recover from their addiction or substance abuse. The substance abuse counselor is also skilled in diagnostic assessment, evaluation, intervention and referrals.

A substance abuse counselor typically performs the following duties:

• Evaluation of each individual’s mental and physical health, addiction problem(s), and possible courses of treatment
• Development of treatment goals and plans for the addict
• Work with the individual and his or her family to discuss treatment plans
• Engage in drug addiction counseling sessions with the individual
• Provide support throughout the treatment process
• Provide follow through and follow-up services such as job placement and support groups

The substance abuse counselor works with patients one-on-one and group sessions.

How Drug Addiction Counseling Can Help

The goal of a substance abuse counselor is to help their patient return to a normal way of life free from addiction and abuse. Substance abuse can tear an addict’s life apart and even the lives of their family and friends. Rebuilding those relationships and professional relationships are an important part of professional drug addiction counseling. A substance abuse counselor will teach an addict how to deal and cope with day-to-day problems and stress that will occur as they recover. Frequent drug addiction counseling sessions will help tackle issues surrounding addiction, as well as the addiction itself.

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