Supporting A Loved One Through Rehab

Supporting someone through their journey to sobriety is never easy. However, there are things you can proactively do to make their recovery less stressful for you and them. You probably have a lot of questions as you go through the rehab center process with your loved one. Below is a list of things to consider and advice for you to help them through this rough time. The best thing to remember is to be firm and consistent in the boundaries you set for their recovery and encourage their willingness to get better through a proper rehab center.

How You Should Support Your Loved One

One of the best ways to help your loved one attending a rehab center is by starting your own support group or attending counseling meetings with them to better understand their addiction. This will help you know the steps people usually take to become sober and you can utilize this knowledge at home. Your loved one will also need a lot of support and confidence to help them recover. Make sure to tell them you’re proud of the strides they’ve made on a daily basis and that you will help them any way you can as they attend their rehab center.

What To Do With Spare Time

While your loved one is recovering at a rehab center, therapy, or group counseling, you should take the time to relax and recharge as managing another person’s life can be exhausting. It’s important for you to get time to do the things that make you happy. You should use this down time to hang out with your friends, enjoy hobbies, or just stay in and relax. Remember, you have a life to live too and you need to be in a peaceful state of mind in order to manage your loved one’s stress properly.

What Should I Do If They Want To Quit?

Unfortunately, for some people it’s only a matter of time until they want to quit going to their rehab center. Don’t be surprised if they begin to say or do anything to get out of it, such as questioning the quality or knowledge of the staff or that it’s a stressful atmosphere. The most important thing is to not be swayed by any of it. Of course they want to leave. It’s their addiction trying to manipulate you. You have to be firm and let them know, if they are an inpatient, that you won’t come for them or if they are an outpatient there will be consequences for not attending their rehab center.

Together, with the right training and knowledge, you have all the tools necessary to help your loved one overcome their addiction and a lead a healthier life.

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